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7Sins 742 is a Runescape private server that has shown the highest activity for years now. Based on the 2012 era of Runescape, with modified cache – the server brings its’ players a flawless gameplay and amazing content.


Even if it is PvP, PvM, or Hc, SeptoX has an insane variety of content that can suit your playstyle. The reason why the server has been alive for so long is that, they are focused on ensuring the players never get bored.


The development team of 7Sins is well-experienced and the project has been developed for a solid 5 years.


7Sins is a private server of RuneScape 742 protocol revision build, and the last revision of Runescape before they pivoted towards EOC updates. In other words, 7Sins is one of a kind and probably the best Runescape2 server you’ll ever find.


Some of the highlights from 7Sins are as follows:

·         Rise of the Six,

·         30+ bosses, including Full Heart of Gielinor, AOD, and Telos,

·         High-tier weapons with special attacks,

·         Pre-EOC with full off-handing combat system,

·         Master 120 capes,

·         Real achievements system with rewards,

·         100+ different daily challenges,

·         Unique Prestige system with different rewards,

·         High quality end client,

·         Full treasure trails,

·         A journal which tracks all of your in-game points and monster kills.


And these are only to name a few. There’s an endless list of content offered by 7Sins.

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    April 13, 2022
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