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Fully custom RSPS designed and developed by Deus, Acid 317 is crafted from a clean 317 source that had absolutely zero custom content at the time of development.


Acid 317 offers a unique gameplay, a friendly community, weekly content updates and overall, an experience of a lifetime! Some of the unique features of Acid 317 are as follows:

·         Rick and Morty Slayer

·         Marvel Raids

·         COVID-19 Minigames

·         Kingdom Hearts Minigames

·         Pokemon Arena

·         Yoda Global Boss with Custom Mechanics

·         30+ Custom Bosses


And a ton more to come as Acid 317 has only begun. The Pokemon Arena allows you to clear each arena before you can move on to the next, while earning powerful pets that assist you in combat and skilling in later game.


Furthermore, you can unlock best-in-slow arrows, runes and much more with Acid 317 space skilling expansion. In addition, 30+ custom bosses are available with some of them having custom mechanics in order to make your gameplay more unique.


Acid 317 is loaded with unique content, such as DBZ raids where you can earn best-in-slot armor by defeating five different dragon ball bosses, and each boss is customized with its’ own unique mechanics.


And last but not the least, the Battle pass every 3 months offers you both free and premium awards to enjoy.

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    April 13, 2022
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