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If you want to hop on board a server that’s likely to go boom! Ancestral is the place to get started. Venture of into the fastest growing semi-custom PKing server with a rewarding PvM system.


Bundled with features such as raids, nightmare, automated gambling, unique bosses, highly rewarding PvM system. Ancestral is updated frequently to ensure a flow of quality content.


The reason behind Ancestral’s growth are the daily and weekly events. Moreover, Ancestral also offers holiday based events.


Even for a newbie in the sea of Runescape private servers, Ancestral is loaded with unique content, such as:

·         Referral/Task Managers,

·         Custom nigthmare boss,

·         Active discord community,

·         Custom boxes,

·         Custom Cosmetics/pk,

·         Custom items with effects,

·         Custom pets with effects,

·         Automated tournaments,

·         OSRS GP tournaments,

·         Weekly Events,

·         Holiday based events,

·         Economy-PK based (Blood money as currency),

·         Item forgement table,

·         Ferox coin exchange,

·         Custom RiskZone,

·         Raids and custom raids.


For a newbie, Ancestral has already acquired 800 members on discord alone and is the fastest growing server today. Some other known features of Ancestral RSPS are; overall drop rate bonus; member cave drop rate bonus; raids point boost; raids double chest roll, and trading post listing.


These are only few from the official features mentioned on their official website.

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    April 13, 2022
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