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Ashihama is a 317 OSRS Runescape private server with balanced economy and fair XP rates, that comes bundled with a long list of features.


Ashihama is a server and community developed by experience, excited, and community-driven leadership team. If you are looking for a server by passionate and enthusiastic developers, Ashihama delivers.


Focused on quality of gameplay, offering PvP, raids, bossing, gambling and much more, Ashihama is the server to measure quality of content and not amount of donations.


Some of their best content included automated tournaments, event bosses, gambling and group ironman. Automated tournaments allow you to battle in exciting and rewarding automated tournaments, just as the name suggests.


In addition, you can kill even bosses as a community for amazing rewards and also gambling is supported in this server. Therefore, duel arena is enabled and along with 100% scam proof flower poker.


You can assemble a group and strive together to be the best team on the server and if you have taste for extra challenge, you can go for extreme mode.


Ashihama is actually one of the rare few servers that are free to play. That is to say, there is no content hidden behind a paywall. You can climb the leaderboards, and become the most powerful raider, or create a tight-knit gambling community all without having to spend a cent.

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    April 13, 2022
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