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Ataraxia is an NXT RuneScape private server that is based on Rusenscape 3, but it primarily boasts pre-EOC (legacy) combat.


There are limits to abilities, therefore the only ones you will see are quality of life and utility abilities, as they are essential for late-game boss fightings such as Raksha the shadow colossus, Kalphite King and Queen.

Ataraxia does not fall much behind and still has the most famous bosses you expect from a great private server. Some of the bosses are:

·         Barrows

·         Kalphite Queen

·         Kalphite King

·         Fight Kiln

·         Raksha, the Shadow Colossus

·         Telos

·         Full Araxxor Rotations

·         Legiones

·         Giant Mole

·         Queen and King Black Dragon


Even though Ataraxia may not be as evolved or professionally organized as other private servers but it has its’ fair share of content.


Some of the content includes:


·         Full RS3 Collection Logs

·         Custom Skilling Contracts

·         Bank Presets

·         Donator Perk System

·         Full Treasure Trail System with Masters

·         Full Invention

·         Full Cosmetic Override System

·         Full Slayer System

·         Full Pets System

·         Full Archaeology

·         Mining and Smithing Rework

·         Safecracking

·         Lost Grove Slayer

·         Anchronia Slayer

These are only to name a few of the content that is available. The list is vast and therefore, Ataraxia is among the leading NXT RSPS

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    April 12, 2022
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