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AuroraScape is a powerful Runescape private server that offers many features right off the bat. Owned by Aurora, AuroraScape offers PvE experience unlike any before, with lots of new monsters and weapons.


Enjoy heading off on raids and bosses to kill, along with world bosses, while relaxing and having fun with the super friendly community. AuroraScape also features pets that have never been seen before.


Currently being an ECO/PvM RSPS/BattleRoyale RSPS, AuroraScape is injected with ingame rewards events and giveaways.


Some of the key features of AuroraScape are:

·         50+ Bosses,

·         Achievements and diaries,

·         Friendly and helpful community,

·         Extremely active and helpful staff,

·         Ironman,

·         UIM and OSRS modes,

·         Scam-proof gambling, flower poker, and dicing,

·         Free donator within the progression task once finishes,

·         High quality graphics and free goodie bag on logins,

·         Lots of great updates based on players suggestions,

·         Frequent community events,

·         Giveaways,

·         Everything is achievable through game, Play to Win,

·         New unique pets,

·         F-Keys

·         Hover Stats,

·         Shift drop,

·         Hourly World Boss Events,

·         Never before seen bosses and monsters,

·         Super Saiyan Raids,

·         Pokemon Raids,

·         Anime Raids,

·         Mortal Kombat Raids,

·         Super Saiyan V2 Raids,


Along with Full collection log, custom Dzone, Aurora is loaded with all the features you are familiar with and many more.

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    April 13, 2022
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