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Joined on 27th February, 2014 at 14:00, Battle-scape keeps its place among the few high ranked, private Runescape servers, their content achievement pace is much faster in comparison to Old School Runescape. Battle-scape helps you save times and coins trying to figure it out on OSRS.


Master bosses, raids, and even inferno are available. Created by Palidino, with an ever-growing community of 125,300+ members, Battle-scape still remains at the top 3 list of RSPS (Runescape Private Servers) and also described as the most detailed private server in the community.


The server comes packed with multiple features, starting with All RuneLite Features available; the entire OSRS Content; The bosses work without the slightest issues; full inferno available with practice modes; Ironman and hardcore ironman; frequent short questions; competitive highscores; skilling; PvP weapons with Revenants and Pking; Player Owned Shops; theatre of blood, and chambers of Xeric.


The above mentioned are only few of the common publicly available features. Given its’ robust structure and frequent updates, Battle-scape rightfully stands among the top-tier Runescape Private Servers.


If you are searching for the right RSPS to join, Battle-scape, loaded with its multiple features, flexibility, and security, definitely does not come short of anything but exceptional!

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    April 12, 2022
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