Server Description

Drako is a Runescape private server that has a fresh take on the OldSchool Runescape scene. By merging experience from custom servers and well-established OSRS servers, Drako brings the best of both.


Some endgame content includes; fully coded COX, Nightmare, TOP – all these bosses and raids, which are tested repeatedly to leave no room for error and tweaked to guarantee a seamless and enjoyable gameplay.


Drako also comes with beneficial AFK features. In other words, no need to worry the woodcutting, farming, fishing, runecrafting, mining, and hunter are all fully functional while you’re AFK. Moreover, the AFK shop consists of items that benefit your skilling XP gains.


Furthermore, Ironman modes include Group Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman and Group Hardcore Ironman. Since Drako realized that Ironman is an insane user demand, therefore, all modes have been added and maintained. This just comes to show their concern for the community.


Drako is already loaded with features and still eager to expand and add new exciting modes. Its’ mostly because Drako’s developer is consistent, committed, and dedicated to working on the server.


That is to say, any bugs/issues are hotfixed swiftly, ensuring the players don’t have to wait for anything and the gameplay is not impacted unnecessarily.

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    April 13, 2022
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