Server Description


- It has a lottery system that is inside the game

- 2011 era high detail client

- For good server ability, it is equipped with a Core re-work.

- Ironman Mode.

- Friendly in such a way that it ensures usage among people because it’s easy to use

- Perfect item switches for amazing hybridizing.

- Perfect combat formulas almost identical to Rs.

- 100% Non P2W

- All skills are fully functional

- Players' concerns are listened to without any hesitation.

- Triple exp weekends

- Pk Points for killing players and Voting Points, both with fantastic reward shops.

- It has many bosses that have to be defeated during the game.

- Amazing server host.

- The game has high scores that ensure competition between

- Choose your exp rates

- Quite some fully working minigames

All these, among many others, ensure that players have the best experience while playing. The players are also open to choosing their favorite features and combining them to translate to a win. The game has rewards for those who win against their competitors. With the above features, it becomes difficult for players to choose any other RSPS because this one, in particular, takes care of their interests entirely.

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    April 12, 2022
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