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Enchant is another 317 server that brings unique custom content to the RuneScape private servers’ table. Enchant aims to create an experience of brand-new monsters, systems, maps, and mechanics that are never before seen in the RSPS community.


In Enchant evolution, you can infuse power into your items and increase strength, transform into available gods from legend and channel their wrath through your weapons. Moreover, you can compete against other players for the top ranks on the leaderboards and conquer all 16 tiers to become #1!


The morph feature allows you to collect and transform into powerful creatures. That is to say, you can invoke the power of the gods themselves, and gain increased attack speed, damage, and a unique powerful effect for each morph.


Enchant Evolution RSPS is more of a flexible user-environment. You can create your own unique playstyle by venturing off to collect and create powerful glyphs that can be equipped into new slots and enhance your abilities. For instance, combat, defense, treasure finding, and skilling. However, there is a limit, you can only have up to 4 glyphs equipped at a time and swap them in and out to best match encounters.


You can compete against harsh challenging enemies to claim their boon as your own. Can you become the strongest?

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    April 12, 2022
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