Server Description

Since the private server was launched, it has always attracted 140+ players, with an active number of around 60 during the morning hours on dynamic gaming. The remote server is interested in creating a good quality gaming experience by incorporating the best gaming features that appear appealing to the users. The private server ensures that all problems related to bugs are well taken care of to avoid any issues in the server. The remote server also provides voting by its community so that they are in a position of knowing what their fans are really up to in terms of their gaming needs. The private server ensures that the players are always busy with something to do consistently. The players will always be busy making sure that they are doing their best to the kill count so that they can take the player to the next boss zone. The private server ensures that there are people to serve the players while in their gaming escapades permanently.


·                     Fully Functional Player Owned Shops

·                     Fully Custom Raids

·                     Over 40 Custom Bosses

·                     6 Custom Global Bosses (More Coming Soon)

·                     Functional Collection Log

·                     Progression Pass (Battle Pass)

·                     Fully Custom Boss Map Areas

·                     Gambling that is fully functional

·                     Over 21 Upgradeable Items

·                     Custom Hotkeys

·                     Some pets happen to be customized

·                     Incentivized Voting

·                     Active Community

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    April 12, 2022
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