Server Description

The unique custom servers with a unique staff team and members have always worked to bring something worthy to their users. It is also well customized and will clear features that enable the users to use and operate efficiently.

Equinox Offers

·                     100% Fully working Custom Yu-Gi-Oh Raids, which ensures that all wars are won against the enemy by 100pc

·                     Minigames that the users can customize.

·                     Several global bosses that ensure  loot

·                     A Unique "Keepsake" system ensures the original clothes are overridden

·                     A unique Salvage token system to exchange salvage tokens for Drop rate %!

·                     You can get bonds as loot without having to donate for them! :: Forge to upgrade some of your items to powerful BIS items!

·                     Forty-two unique zones to work your way through and get awesome loot from.

·                     A gambling system that I fully automated and free from scams. gambling system

·                     To give you an advantage, the game has battle passes.

·                     Iron man & Group iron man!

·                     Tasks to be performed daily

·                     Shops that players own

·                     Commands that make shortcuts easy to use

From the features given, we can conclude that equinox is a well-equipped and user-friendly gaming system tailored to users' needs.

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    April 12, 2022
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