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If you love gaming and value the time you invest in it. You’re probably scared of dying servers. In that case Eternal is the perfect 718 server for you, that, before anything else promises a lifetime of updates and is not planning on dying any time soon.


Eternal is where PKing and PvMing is better than anywhere else, with 25 skills to train and 20 bosses to kill right of the bat, Eternal really is promising for a newcomer.


Currently growing, the Eternal community is super friendly and helpful. The community takes pride in being the most welcoming. Since there aren’t many users at the moment, the staff is available 24/7 and extremely active in terms of responding and sorting out your issues.


Other than PvMing and PKing, Eternal offers multipe ways to earn coins such as skilling and scam-proof gambling, all made possible by making everything worth something!


Furthermore, 4 mini games; Dungeoneering; Barrows; Castle Wars, and Warriros Guild already come bundled with the latest release and a custom boss named Char which you can take a shot at with your friends for promising rewards.

Eternal was made to counter the issue of servers shutting down and losing friends and progress, therefore it is a server that truly lasts forever.

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    April 13, 2022
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