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With only a little time in the RSPS scene, MagePS exploded in terms of community size. It is the only custom RSPS which offers custom skilling, real progression, and a full F2P Experience.


If you’re new to MagePs, then its’ a server that’s a complete MMORPG experience, with thousands of unique items to obtain, 50+ bosses to battle against and if you’re new, then its’ highly recommended that you start off with a tutorial and ask other players for help.


MagePS strives to be your most memorable Runescape private server. The game design is truly made with passion unlike any other and it is the perfect custom adventure from start to finish.


Apart from offering the most immersive experiences that the RuneScape community has to offer, MagePS is made from scratch in a custom fashion. With content added from all corners of the internet fantasy world. MagePS is guaranteed to captivate you.


Venture out and witness familiar figures and characters from Rick and Morty, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and many other great fictions.


MagePS, even though not so old but has the biggest communities that rival the top 10 RSPS. With custom pets, weapons, armor combat system and more, the developers are always available to take your feedback and make it a reality.

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    April 13, 2022
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