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Head of into the server with a bonus start, free premium for 24 hours, level 2 armor, level 1 belt, level 1 tattoo, shirt, and Rune of Nevit.


Moonland is a RuneScape private server that is still in its development stage and gaining popularity among the community. However, Moonland CrazyPVP custom Interlude x10000 is an updated version of the custom server.


The gameplay character starts at level 8 with grade S equipment. There are 99 buff slots, and your buffs remain on death. In order to make it easier to find where RB will be reborn, there are flags near each RB. Moreover, active LS buffs do not replace each other and also not removed at the time of changing your weapons.


Base stats (WIT, INT, STR, etc.,) boost limit with Dyes has been increased to 15 in this private server.


The list continues with clan and skills, olympiad, life stone, sieges, and elements system. Clans creation has 8 level and the players limit in a single clan is 27, with only 1 ally slot available. As for olympiad, in order to become baron, you just need to kill RB Barakiel.


The 6 elements offered in Moonland are fire, water, wind, earth, holy, and dark. As for the main currencies, there’s weapon stone, armor stone, tatto stone, belt stone, PVP coin, toenail dragon, selenite, and coin of luck to name a few

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    April 12, 2022
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