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This private server is a brand new version of an OSRS revision of RSPS. The server tries the best to become one of the best private servers to suit user’s needs. This can be only possible if the needs of the users are incorporated while building the server. The server also updates itself so that it will be up to date for use by its users.


·                     The private server has a client based launcher which ensures that the program is tailored to meet the client’s needs.

·                     The server has a host that is fast and dedicated to create a reliable gameplay experience.

·                     The server has a gambling zone that enable users to gamble with no spam.

·                     The server has a website voting integration that ensures that users are in a position of getting views from their users in relation to their preferences when using the server.

·                     The server has a number of custom game modes which can be switched depending on the user’s needs.

·                     The private server has an OSRS combat which makes it easy for users to prepare for combat in the event of an attack.

·                     Through the private server the players have access to automated tournaments which enable the players to participate in tournaments against their opponents so as to secure a win.

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    April 12, 2022
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