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Nightmare 317 is a remarkable RSPS, that provides you the basic infrastructure to enjoy a seamless gameplay. The server has been online since 2019 with the same goal even now, to create an experience that is not offered by any other server.


Nightmare 317 is purely a unique custom adventure. Some of the highlighted features of the server are:


·         All items and monsters are made by the owners,

·         12,000+ unique items,

·         Pokedex with 8 Pokemon regions,

·         Fully functional pokemon safari,

·         5 sets of Pokemon cards from TCG,

·         Top donor and voter contest every month,

·         Server wide pokemon PvP battles,

·         All pokemons viewable through pokedex and binder,

·         Clue bank, chest/crate/box bank, card binders, and more ways to store items outside of bank,

·         Hourly world bosses,

·         Daily global bosses,

·         Weekly events and giveaways,

·         Pokemon tournaments with battle league,

·         Constant development,

·         New content, bug fixes, and QoL introduced daily


There are Runescape private servers for all tastes, and Nightmare 317 caters for players who are searching for a completely custom experience. True sandbox gameplay – Nightmare 317 allows the most customization in comparison to any other RSPS and to such an extent you can basically acknowledge it as a new game.

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    April 13, 2022
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