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Welcome to PerfectRSPS! Where you can find the best content you'll find across any other RSPS.
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PerfectRSPS was founded early 2022, and is growing rapidly! There's tons of challenges, from raids to our Prestige System. We have 4 different raids, some in OSRS favorites and some Custom! We have eliminated the useless minigames, that are unlikely to be used, and imported it in to the most active content throughout the server; One example Pest Control, the rewards are now spread through PerfectRSPS points, and there are other great rewards! Zulrah is nearly identical to OSRS, only missing its cloud phase, but indeed does pop out of the ground, and have its own instance, controller & phases.
Our goal is to bring to you a challenge that you will not only accept, but enjoy in the process!

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    May 24, 2022
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