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RuneRogue strives to be not another RSPS but an RSPS that has endless content for the players and ideas to make the gaming experience unlike any other you’ve known.


RuneRogue is also among the few newcomers that gained popularity quickly after the launch on 23rd March, 2022 and therefore, is offering free rewards for all new players.


RuneRogue presents itself as a humble yet impressive server that is the result of endless hours of work and ideas. The aim of RuneRogue is to craft a completely unique experience and separate itself from other RSPS.


Even for an extremely new RSPS, RuneRogue comes loaded with the following features:

·         Automatic tournaments throughout the day and night,

·         Group Ironman,

·         Pets with perks,

·         Active wilderness events every 60 minutes,

·         Active events every 30 minutes,

·         Chambers of Xeric,

·         The inferno,

·         Nightmare of Ashihama,

·         Theater of Blood,

·         Lastman standing,

·         Many wild bosses for highest cashouts,

·         Achievements feature to unlock items, titles and more,

·         Perfected combat system for all PKers and PvMers,

·         Well of Good Will,

·         Barros Minigame,

·         Trading Post,

·         Loot Tables,

·         Collection log,

·         Pest control.


These are only few of the features, some of which you are already familiar with, drawing inspiration from the original RuneScape to make you feel at home while staying on your toes for great updates and unique content as well.

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    April 13, 2022
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