Server Description

Tanoth 2 is a 667 server that utilizes distributed v2.2 aka Matrix 1 source.  Tanoth is designed and developed in great detail in order to derive the near perfect balanced mechanics and high quality, engaging content.


If you are not fond of the crazy custom items and bosses, and are looking for a more familiar experience, Tanoth 2 offers its own intake on the 2011 experience with challenging bosses, diverse skilling, difficult and interesting quests and a lot more.


Team Tanoth spent thousands of hours to come up with the idea of a perfect server and thousand more hours to make it a reality. Over a period of months, the home area has been redesigned to accommodate a small playerbase.


While constantly bringing in exciting updates, Tanoth 2 has kept everything uncluttered, appealing but fully functional.


Some known key features of Tanoth 2 are:

·         Potion Timers,

·         Custom tooltips,

·         Unique player perks,

·         Scam-safe gambling,

·         Unique loyalty programme,

·         Custom mini-quests,

·         Bank presets,

·         Boss instances,

·         Custom skilling pets,

·         Global world events,

·         Working moneypouch,

·         Discord integration,

·         Collection log,

·         Fully working grand exchange,

·         Full Construction,

·         Summoning,

·         Farming,

·         7 Boss pets,

·         PvP Hotspots,

·         Remapped Edgeville,

·         Wilderness Activities – from skilling to PvM and PKing,

·         Achievement system,

·         A total of 23 skills supported.

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    April 13, 2022
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