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Valinor is among the few renowned names, that were quick to gain popularity in the Runescape private server scene. Launched not so long ago, in January 2022 – Valinor is a unique OSRS based server.


If you are interested in a server that feels professional all the way from design, development to gameplay and has a touch of OSRS, then Valinor is the perfect choice as it has launched with bundles of features.


Moreover, some content you may already be familiar with and love, such as Theater of Blood and Chambers of Xeric. In addition, if you want to look for a server that meets “your taste” but you can’t bother developing and maintain, Valinor may just excite you.


How so? Valinor works on community driven updates. That is to say, if you want things to work a certain way or content to be added to your liking, you can get in touch with them as they are super active and make your request. You should definitely see your requested content implemented soon as the server is frequent with weekly updates.


Furthermore, there are balanced drop rates, tournaments, collection log and much more. Also, since the server is brand new, all new players are eligible for giveaways as well. Their discord community already hit 500+ within a month, so they might be offering something promising. Head over and take a look yourself.

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    April 13, 2022
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