Server Description

This is an OSRS private server with updated graphics ranging from various features to an everlasting and appealing gaming experience. The game offers a variety of modes in which the game can be played. The methods comprise regular mode, hardcore ironman. Once the players compete and win, competing rewards come after achievements. The following features are meant to bring about the best gaming experience in the server so that the server remains unmatched. After gaming, the players get rewards as a way of motivation.


·                     The game has numerous bosses, including the nightmare, Alchemical Hydra, Vorkath, Cerberus, Zulrah, Godwars, Corporeal Beast, Custom Abomination boss, and Custom Barrows rise of six and all wilderness bosses.

·                     The game has a gambling system that is anti-scam with updates on their weapons and enchanting tournaments whereby players can compete as a way of showing how competent they are in their game. Some items can be customized to suit the player’s needs anytime they indulge in gaming.

·                     The game has custom items that comprise the korasi sword and ring of vigour, Torva and Recolours of justice and Ancestral with better stats, and upgradeable rings and weapons that bring about good results during their gaming.


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    April 12, 2022
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