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Even though new to the RSPS realm, Zeah does not lag far behind when it comes to delivery high quality content.   Developed by a dedicated and professional team, Zeah offers a competitive economy, flawless PvM and PvP, the thrill of leagues, followed by weekly updates and a hyper active community. Team Zeah aims to achieve perfection and nothing else. And any rsps with a strong developer team is definitely worth a try.   Zeah incorporates the best features and content of OSRS and pre-EOC to satisfy each and every player’s need.

Following is some of the best content offered by Zeah but not limited to:
·         50+ Bosses
·         Powerup Relics
·         500+ Achievements
·         Unique House System
·         Dedicated Wiki
·         Community Events
·         Giveaways
·         Full Champers of Xeric w/ ToB in development
·         Full Inferno
·         Kiln
·         Fight Caves
·         7 Different Game modes
·         Group and Hardcore Group Ironman
·         All Skills Working
·         All of Your Favorite OSRS Mini
And these are only to name a few.

Allowing you the ability to play your way and create your own unique playstyle, Zeah offers play to win and infinite ways to play as part of their promise.   Among the few new RSPS that offer a lot of activity, entertainment and pleasing promises. Zeah is by far in the lead.

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    April 13, 2022
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