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Exora 667 is a custom economy RuneScape private server that aims to recreate and bring a fresh RSPS experience through unique content such as NPCs, maps, weaponry, minigames and a lot more.


Exora strives to uphold a balance of pleasant new custom items and armors with existing Runescape content without making a mess. And the server allows you to explore new areas filled with monsters that you have never seen before.


If you are new to the RSPS scene or simply bored of playing the same OSRS with different names and false promises, Exora is worth a shot. Since Exora is not just a mere copy, nor a meme server but a professional server created by a dedicated team, thousands of hours are spent on creating and maintaining new content.


Exora 667 is also super strict with the update schedule, bringing fresh updates every 2 weeks with tons of content updates. Being a community driven server, team Exora is open to suggestions, feedback and even holds community polls!


Some known features of Exora are:

·         A free and premium battle pass,

·         Group ironman,

·         5+ world event bosses,

·         3 Full on custom raids,

·         Level and equip your battle pet with unique armour, rings, and enchantments,

·         Multiple daily login rewards.

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    April 13, 2022
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