Server Description

OverDose is a brand new server that is developed and maintained by a solid consistent team, working hard to ensure the server is playable and leave a good impression on the new members.


OverDose, as the name suggests is promised to keep you entertained and occupy your time without the feeling the game is about to end any time soon, as it is injected with new features and content constantly.


At the time of OverDose downtime, the team has worked around multiple ways to ensure a long-lasting/thriving server that is balanced for all the players, let it be donators or non-donators.


Some of the Key features of OverDose are:

·         Custom Minigames,

·         15+ Multi Bosses,

·         50+ NPC Zones,

·         Custom Blood Slayer,

·         Group Ironman,

·         Yu-Gi-Oh Raids,

·         Battle Pass,

·         Daily Tasks,

·         Automate Gambling System,

·         Daily Login Rewards,

·         Cosmetic Keepsake System.


OverDose offers multiple custom minigames that are challenging, fun and put your RNG and strength to the test. In addition to minigames, there are tons of multi bosses that you can battle and slay with a group of friends or even go solo, if you like being competitive that way.


Furhtermore, 50+ NPC zones can be grinded for amazing gear and drops. And if you are regular, then this server si the right choice for you, with daily tasks and rewards.

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    April 13, 2022
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