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PKHonor team has shown the most active development in the RuneScape private server community. The server is also community driven, meaning, that players’ queries and feedback is noted and implemented, as they are the ones keeping it alive.


There are consistent updates to maintain a stable and lag free user experience. The management team is always busy helping out players and addressing their issues. It is commonly misunderstood that PKHonor is only PKing, but that is not entirely true.


PKHonor has a smooth combat system and 20+ fully working skills, in addition to countless mini-games, the server is packed with the following content:

·         Achievements,

·         Mini-Quests,

·         Special Ranks,

·         Slayer Awards,

·         Vote Rewards,

·         Custom Zones,

·         Bosses,

·         Flawless BH Target system,

·         Completionist Capes,

·         Boss Dungeons (including NEX),

·         New Slayer Task System,

·         Different PK Clans.


Furthermore, the working mini-games include duel arena and castle-wars to name a few.


The PKHonor community is growing at a rapid pace and all new members are given a heartwarming welcome. In order to maintain a fair gaming environment, the economy of PKHonor is balanced thanks to a fully working Grand Exchange.


With a lot of PKing activity in the wilderness and a ‘start-and-go’ policy, you can enter the wilderness as quickly as possible. The server also offers weekly and weekend events to keep the players engaged and entertained.

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    April 13, 2022
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