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Founded by FoxxDS, Blueoptic, and BenchDS, Redemption RSPS is by far the most organized RSPS. Currently managed by Peripheral and Regis, Iron Jessica, iAndysenpai, Pdh, Kishan, Nocturnal, Syrius, and Bionic Robot as Editors.


Loaded with Bestiary, Raids, Skilling, Price guide, Gear, FAQ, Minigames, Money making, and media as few of the parent categories of Redemption RSPS. The server exhibits the highest activity among the top 10 RSPS.


The bestiary category comes with features such as training, monsters, bosses, slayers, raids, and wilderness. Even in the training area, there are many different monsters recommended to new players to get a grip of the game.


With a total of 30 bosses, out of which 15 are custom, each boss offers its own unique rewards.


Furthermore, the slayer skill rewards players for their consistency and determination. The slayer prestige is available in the shop for rewards as well.


Raids in return offer boss battles with unique experiences while the wilderness of redemption RSPS is different from any you have known. The harsh environment provides rewards as well as hone your skills.


Overall, the structure of redemption RSPS is highly organized and well-maintained. If you’re looking to dive into a unique experience. Redemption RSPS is the best choice out there.

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    April 1, 2022
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