Server Description

We’re an experienced Old School RuneScape based private server, and have been running in the business for 11 years, and counting!
Our server has been known to stand out from the servers throughout the years because of our unique ways and our unique content.

We offer you a Semi-Spawn / Eco server that covers all needs for a PKer, PVMer and Skiller!
Our coding is always top notch, and we at Roat Pkz always strive to bring good content, which means that we’re more than happy to listen to your suggestions and opinions!

Furthermore, we specialize in making a perfect quality-like Economy/PKing server for your tastes! From offering great updates to awesome gameplay, we assure you that you’ll be amazed in no time

We can proudly say that we have the most active PVP scene of any servers out there!

Here’s a small list of just some of the features that we offer you:

  • Gamemodes (Hardcore PVP – more coming soon!)
  • Starter Kits
  • Gambling (Flower Poker, Dicing)
  • Skilling Island with great rewards
  • Tons of bosses
  • Clean combat system
  • Clan system with loads of features
  • YouTuber friendly (Commands, giveaways & more!)
  • God capes minigame
  • ALWAYS active wilderness
  • Chambers of Xeric
  • Daily PVP/Skilling tasks
  • Clue scrolls
  • Wilderness slayer
  • Wilderness Resource Area
  • Custom Donator cave
  • Custom Donator zone
  • Game sounds
  • Customizable PVP Kits
  • Player titles
  • Trading Post
  • Player & Clan scoreboards
  • 1000+ achievements
  • Hourly PVP Bosses
  • Community events
  • Daily OSGP Tournaments
  • Clan Cup Tournaments (Streamed) (2B+ OSGP in rewards)
  • Wilderness Key events
  • Custom Risk areas
  • Active Revenant caves
  • Mimic Boss
  • Loads of pets
  • PVP & Skilling hiscores
  • User-friendly spawning interface
  • Server Revision
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    April 1, 2022
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