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Sakra is an OSRS RuneScape private server that’s been massively developed during 2020. The team behind Sakra is not only professional but determined to make it a success.


If you are looking to on board a growing community, Sakra guarantees a warm welcome. Even though Sakra is a low rate server but it is not as low as the real OSRS.


The server has boosted the loot tables so every NPC in the game is able to drop: ‘Mystery Boxes’ and ‘Crystal Keys’ along with much more loot than you can expect from a server this size.


Sakra is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of grind but not like that of the real OSRS, therefore every monster has a possibility of dropping rare and unique loot.


Sakra is also one of the few servers that are updated daily alongside engaging events like drop parties, mini-games, gambling happy hours, and to top it all off, a hyper active discord community. So there’s no chance of you getting bored.


Moreover, during the Covid-19 outbreak, the whole server is running on x2 EXP. Now that is an advantage and a head start worth taking, in order to quickly climb the ranks. As for the discord community, there are weekly events regarding highscores, so if you can make it to the top ranks, you’ll be loaded with rewards.


To give it a finishing touch, Sakra offers every new player with three mystery boxes and 500 free sakra bucks

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    April 12, 2022
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