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Looking for a classic version or remake of Runescape to play? Something from the 2000s? Scape05 is the revival and massive remake of your favorite game set in 2005. Created specifically to provide you with the unique nostalgic experience that you have been searching for.


Scape05 comes packed with some features such as:

·         4.5x XP Rate,

·         All Skills Working,

·         Sounds & Music,

·         Original 2005 Combat,

·         All Areas Interactable,

·         2005 Droptables,

·         Original 2005 Models,

·         Textures and Sprites,

·         5100+ NPC Spawns,

·         2005 Shop Prices,

·         140+ Accessible Shops,

·         Original Random Events,

·         World Item Spawns,

·         Hundreds of Interactable NPC’s, Objects, and Items,

·         Several Quests,

·         All Guilds,

·         Community Events,

·         Detail Select.


All these features and frequent updates make Scape05 eligible to qualify as one of the most active Runescape private servers. In addition to the professional developer team, Scape05 offers great support for all its’ users.


Similar to other active and well-known servers, Scape05 also offers seasonal events such as Christmas, Halloween etc.,


Currently standing at 630+ and growing discord members, Scape05 is house to the classic lovers. The developers are inclined towards perfecting their remake and providing the players with the best possible nostalgic gaming experience.

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    April 13, 2022
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