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Velheim is one of the few authentic pre-EOC servers available, that also offer a mix of RuneScape 3 content.


Just as every server has its’ aim, some focus on providing the best support, some less bugs, and some more features than others – Velheim focuses on offering players an authentic experience.

That is to say, there are 400 original RuneScape shops available, fully functional grand exchange with dynamic prices based on demand and supply, fairly easy to acquire drops, at 1/200 for the rarest table and many other special tables such as:


·         Raptor Keys

·         Crystal Triskelions

·         Rare Drop Table

·         Crystal Keys

·         Wilderness Shared Drop Table


To sum up there’s never going to be a shortage of things to grind for on Velheim. In addition, there are 7 different modes to choose from when you start of on Velheim RSPS.


·         Normal Mode: x200 EXP

·         Novice Mode: x50 EXP, +2.5% drop-rate boost

·         Classic Mode: x2 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost

·         Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost

·         Hardcore Ironman mode: x10 EXP, +7.5% drop-rate boost

·         Group Ironman mode - x10 EXP, +5% drop-rate boost, team up with 4 other GIM players

·         Ultimate Ironman mode - x10 EXP, +10% drop-rate boost, no banking


There’s a big chunk of features offered by Velheim, it definitely makes it to the top 10.

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    April 12, 2022
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