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Decimate RSPS is one of the few famous 317 custom private server for the RuneScape community. The team Decimate excels in ensuring a seamless gameplay and caters to the players’ needs.


Decimate is also one of the few servers that are consistent with its’ updates and bringing more unique and exciting content to the game.


With 25 complete skills, 40 custom NPC’s, and 200 custom models, Decimate is free to play. Some more of its custom content consists of:

·         100% scam free gamble zone with flower poker, 55x2, dice duel all automated,

·         Bossing/Gear Locking system,

·         Over 40+ custom bosses,

·         Custom Maps,

·         Item Exchanger,

·         Custom Slayer,

·         Upgrade items interface/system,

·         Custom skilling pets,

·         Fishing pet,

·         Farming pet,

·         Woodcutting pet,

·         100% solo/+5 man raid system with 1 raid in game right now,

·         Automated donations + voting,

·         All skilling working flawlessly,

·         Over 500 custom models,

·         Additional 8 AOE weapons all different tiers/styles,

·         6 New ultra-bosses all League champions with unique mechanics,

·         Over 150 different skilling tasks to complete for skilling shards,


Moreover, decimate does weekly updates on every Saturday to keep the content flow consistent. That is to say you will never get bored easily.


Decimate is community focused and relies on players’ feedback for its success, therefore if you’re looking for a server that would listen to you. Decimate is definitely worth the shot.

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    April 13, 2022
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