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Dragonstone welcomes you to the brand-new content-packed; semi-custom Runescape private server scene. Offering the most refreshing take on OSRS, Dragonstone allows its players to take on favorites alongside their insanely large custom content range.   Dragonstone already consists of the bosses you are familiar with, whether you are looking to fight The Nightmare or Theater of Blood, all of it is available in the server. Moreover, if you just want to earn rewards, Dragonstone offers you a BattlePass system.

The Dragonstone BattlePass system is one of a kind, which offers insane rewards and the best gaming experience you can imagine.   Being a semi-custom server, Dragonstone is currently stacking #190 OSRS data, which makes capacity for a large variety of content including:

·         The Inferno,

·         Nightmare of Ashihama,

·         Vorkath,

·         Theatre of Blood

.   And much more is yet to come.

These bosses are available alongside Plethora of Pre-EOC and custom content.
To sum it up; Dragonstone has:

·         35+ Bosses,

·         23 Skills,

·         10 Minigames,

·         1000s of items to collect.

Whether you are a calm skiller, or an avid PvMer, or a simple FashionScape collector, Dragonstone caters all your needs and provides the best possible content of both OSRS and custom content to keep you entertained.

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    April 13, 2022
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