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Ely Runescape private server is another one of the leading 718 with OSRS mash-up. If you are indeed a fan of the true pre-EOC feel of RuneScape. Ely is going to be the choice you simply won’t regret.


Moreover, Ely is not only a content mashup of multiple revisions, it has much more to offer. Multiple areas of the game are expanded with Ely-exclusive content such as the renowned Graetoriax the Unbroken (an exclusive boss) and followed by Ruins (a deadly minigame).


If you’re not concerned about end-game content, Ely has you covered in that aspect as well. Ely offers a massive and engaging training zone to the newbies.


If you are a player and wondering where to start? Wonder no more. Simply login, type ::train and your instantly assigned tasks with earning points, ultimately gearing you up.


You can also track your progress against other players on stats such as highscores and collection log completion.

Start building your name with NPC Kill leaderboards, play with your friends in Duo Slayer, party dungeoneering and even start your very own clan!


Some major content of Ely but not limited to:

·         Group Ironman

·         OS Mode

·         Runelite

·         Ely Share

·         Bank Placeholders

·         F-Keys


And much more only at Play Ely RSPS.

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    April 12, 2022
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