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If you value your time and are looking for the most convenient RSPS to invest your time in, Grinderscape is the most suitable choice for you.


Grinderscape sets itself apart from the rest of the Old School Runescape private servers and has established itself as one of the most strong and stable community that has lasted for over 12 years.


Founded in 2008, and no plan on shutting down anytime soon, Grinderscape is here to cater all of your RuneScape gaming needs and all that for free!


Most RSPS are an easyscape version but what makes Grinderscape unique is that it does not follow that trend and truly focuses on creating unique content of its’ own.


Even though you may notice that Grinderscape does not offer the same XP rates as you are used to on OSRS, you can definitely expect a challenging and long journey while exploring and experiencing the server first hand and understanding there’s so much more offered.


Grinderscape is constantly striving to be as much of what Runescape was in the early 2000’s and has so far been the most efficient at replicating the Runescape experience.


Other than the frequent updates, Grinderscape also offers seasonal events, such as Christmas, midsummer and much more.

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    April 13, 2022
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