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Lunite is one of the few servers to gain instant popularity. Joined not so long ago on 16th January 2021, Lunite is renowned as one of the biggest Runescape custom private server. Maintained up to date, there are endless features packed in this RSPS.


Being a 31-custom server, Lunite runs probably one of the best-known economies, tons of players, and more than enough content to keep you entertained for your time with Lunite.


Lunite’s spotlight is in creating 100% unique content. That is to say, the content offered by Lunite RSPS is never been seen before on any RuneScape server. Team Lunite exceeds all expectations in crafting custom content just for the sake of retaining Lunite’s honor as the most unique server out there.


Even though basic security comes with any RSPS out there but Lunite takes a step further ensuring the safety of all players. Their guarantee covers the safety of account, and identity.


The best part about Lunite RSPS is the dedicated support. With a vast knowledgebase and eager to help staff, Lunite support is fully equipped with the knowledge to help you with anything you need, even going as far as to getting in touch with management.

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    April 12, 2022
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