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Keeping a firm reputation, Novea is a high-quality Oldschool RSPS. The Novea team aims to deliver high quality, fast-paced version of Runescape.


Coming packed with every possible skill, Novea offers an active wilderness, difficult bosses with great rewards, and even countless minigames.


Novea is perfect for someone looking for an active Runescape server. Moreover, Novea is also one of the unique OSRS serves that includes a portion of pre-EOC content.


To top it off, this a perfect server for newcomers to start with easy gameplay and increase difficulty at their own pace. Another reason why Novea is the best choice for starters, is because of its super friendly community.


Novea comes packed with features and some of its’ unique content includes but is not limited to; Torva; Virtus; Pernix armour & Korasi’s sword; PVP weapons and armors; Group Ironman; Full inferno; Raids 1 and 2; Custom donator zone; wilderness bosses, world bosses with impeccable loot; best PVM drop rates; PKing tournaments and rewards, and much more.


To top it off, Novea also has a great economy just like any of its’ competitor top servers. Comparatively, Novea offers a much more user-friendly interface, mostly because of its dedicated team that emphasizes on making the game more enjoyable for players.

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    April 12, 2022
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