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With 5500+ all time players, and 60+ active daily. RuneRealm is one of the most active Runescape privater servers and the largest community with 3+ years in the making.


Supporting an active and balanced economy via the Player Owned Shop System feature, RuneRealm provides its’ players a great environment for Skillers, PvM’ers and PKers alike.


In addition to tons of unique customized content ranging from interface to bosses, RuneRealm offers the best and seamless OSRS experience.


RuneRealm is so far the largest community driven server, even discord is managed by both staff and players. Therefore, if you don’t want to play but just have fun in a friendly community, RuneRealm surely has a place for you.


The dedicated team works 24/7 365 to provide its’ community with updates that they want to see and so, allows the freedom to make suggestions and open polls in the forums, from where each suggestion is picked and implemented on weekly basis.


Furthermore, there are custom abilities – integrated with multiple points system and endless list such as, skillcape perks, prestige perks, and pet effect. The more you progress, the newer mechanics you can unlock.


Some server shove in custom content for the sake of it but RuneRealm takes the time to come up with brilliant ideas and make unique custom bosses so they fit in perfectly with the oldschool scenery and are pleasant for the players.

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    April 13, 2022
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