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Looking for a renowned safe to play RSPS? RuneWild takes the spot among the top ranks. Packed with frequent updates such as reworks, and bounty hunter tasks, bounty hotspots. RuneWild is a dynamic and up to data RSPS.


Highly active community with PVP leagues that offer monthly championships with a variety of divisions. Take the trophy and beat the competition for exclusive OSRS prizes and much more.


OSRS Tournaments are hosted on daily basis at 07:30 PM UTC with a ladder reward system that increases from Monday to Sunday. Furthermore, clan events come with weekly clan wars hosted every Sunday 21:30PM UTC or even King of the Hill every Friday/Sunday at 20:00 UTC. Clan war events offer IRL cash rewards.


RuneWild offers a platform to hone your skills and take part in PvM Content, where you can embark a journey to slay epic monsters and the toughest of all bosses, such as Verzik Vitur and Hydra.


In addition to all that activity, Wilderness Events offer treasure chests, HP events, central bosses. That is still not the tip of the iceberg, win these events to earn cash prizes and make the most of your time.


Last but not the least, RuneWild offers presets so you can quickly access your predesigned setups and logins within a matter of seconds.

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    March 30, 2022
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