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Probably among the most socially active RuneScape private servers, Warscape is a competitve OSRS custom server that promises the best online gaming experience.


The main objective of WarScape is to provide its players with the best possible content and service any top rank RSPS out there can offer.


In addition to providing different expeditions and accomplishments, WarScape offers a number of various quests, balanced combats, high-quality updates, and to top it all off, a super friendly and helpful staff to cater all the players’ needs.


WarScape is also one of the few servers out there that priortize their players’ feedbacks and implement it to improve user experience.


Some of the most noticeable features of WarScape are as follows:

·         250+ Realistic Customs

·         Custom Raids

·         50+ Custom Bosses

·         Taming Skill

·         Unique Edgeville

·         Custom Skilling Area

·         Hourly Loot Rewards

·         Raids 1 and 2

·         AFK Skilling


In addition to the content you are already familiar with, the hardworking team behind WarScape also has some Never-Before-Seen exclusive WarScape content for its’ players that is bound to keep you entertained.


WarScape works in a compettitive nature by bringing powerful enemies to challenge you and keep your skills polished. However, the most important aspect of this private server is that it is actually community driven. That is to say, WarScape holds many events and activities to ensure all players are happy and engaged and they in turn keep it supported and running.

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    April 13, 2022
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