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Zenyte is OSRS based private server and one of the most promising upcoming RuneScape private servers.


Loaded with tons of classic content you are already familiar with and original content, Zenyte offers theater of blood, raids of xeric, barrow chests and a lot more!


With an active discord community of 1800+ Zenyte is also among the few RSPS that host the biggest private server communities ever. The community is super friendly and supportive.


Zenyte also features a well-established economy, as it was one of the aspects the team paid high attention to, in order to make the best one possible and not the typical pay to play RuneScape private server scam.


The economy is made moderate and balance in order to promote a fair and equal gaming environment for all the Zenyte players.


Zenyte is definitely an epic server with flawless combats, and a hyper-competitive community. Players can compete against each other in almost all aspects to climb to the top.


Another one of Zenyte’s important highlight is the hardworking developer team behind, which managed to make lag nearly non-existent all the while adding new epic content.


In a short time after its’ launch, Zenyte managed to establish one of the largest playerbase within months after its release, by constantly adding new and fresh content on weekly basis.

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    April 13, 2022
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