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BlissScape Runescape private server started off as merely a passion project but ended up among the top and largest private servers.

BlissScape is a 718/718 RSPS, with the main objective of sticking to the 2012 Runescape gameplay but making it a bit more “blissful” as the name suggests.


The “bliss” aspect of the server is in its user-friendly interface and design, along with content quality. For example, clicking on a skill from the skills tab to instantly teleport to the respective training locations.


BlissScape consists of all the content from 718s, including its’ extras in a plentiful amount. Moreover, it also comes with its’ own unique content.


In BlissScape you can customize your house as you please, the full construction build is just like the real Runescape, only freer from bugs you will encounter on other servers.


Alongside a unique prestige system, BlissScape offers player owned shops feature. Just as any other server with shops, you can create your own shop or search for others regardless if they are online or not.


In addition, Full dungeoneering is also available 100% like RuneScape. You can explore all 60 flors of Deamonheim: including frozen, furnished, warped, occult, and abandoned floors. With more features such as full real slayer, BlissScape is definitely worth the hype.

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    April 12, 2022
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