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Genesis is one of the servers made by the dedicated team “The Realm”, the Runescape private server primarily focuses on unique custom content.


The team is motivated, passionate, and above all highly skilled in what they do. Therefore, if you’re part of Genesis you’ll notice a high influx of frequent unique updates and an experience unlike any other private server. That is only because The Real is the dedicated network in maintaining Genesis.


This specific server is centered around PvM gameplay, and most of the time you spend at the server, you will be on your hunt for custom items by killing custom monsters and bosses, that come with their own unique mechanics.


Moreover, there are several different tier training zones which serve the purpose of helping player grind out their skills to the max or simply hunt for a drop.


Even though, Genesis is primarily PvM focused, there are still flawless combat systems. That is to say, PKing is just as exciting, so you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, there are multiple skilling zones which provide the players everything they need to max cape.

Gensis is the perfect server choice, if you are looking to onboard a server that is highly like to last and be maintained for years to come.

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    April 13, 2022
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