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Boomscape started back in 2012 and has been around for 10 years now. Being an OSRS server, Boomscape offers key features from OSRS, with slight differences in-game to speed up game-play. Therefore, making the game more enjoyable and relaxed.


BoomScape is available on both PC and mobile, giving you a unique experience like no other RSPS.


Team BoomScape aims to provide its users with the best content and a heartwarming welcome for the newcomers. Being a community driven server, there’s a system set in place that allows users to directly speak with the development team, let it be feedback, suggestion, bug report or just general queries.


All that together, makes Boomscape experience more and more enjoyable. Most of the content is hosted from OSRS, including some exclusive custom bosses and minigames.


Here is a list of what BoomScape is offering at the moment:

·         RuneLite Client for PCs,

·         Theater of Blood,

·         Zulrah,

·         Full Inferno,

·         The Nightmare of Ashihama,

·         Chambers of Xeric,

·         Vorkath,

·         Group Ironman mode,

·         Full Android Mobile Compatibility,

·         Pest Control,

·         Different Experience Rates,

·         Custom PvP System with Great Rewards,

·         Player to Player Grand Exchange,

·         Full Construction.


Furthermore, BoomScape is regularly updated to ensure the quality of the server is maintained and the community is entertained

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    April 13, 2022
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