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With over thousands of community members and players online, Etherum is probably the most advanced Runescape private server out there. The discord community alone is 4000+ members strong.

The team behind Etherum has made it lag-free, bug-free and smooth for all players. Some of the unique content with best quality delivered by Etherum is:

·         Perfect Slayer System | Duo Slayer,

·         Unique Bosses

·         Boss Pets,

·         Best Gambling System (100% Scam-proof),

·         Rock Paper and Scissors also included,

·         Skilling Prestige,

·         PvP Campaigns,

·         Constant players hosted PK tournaments (like OSRS),

·         Perfect staking,

·         Perfect PvM,

·         Amazing and well-balanced economy,

·         Instant PK,

·         Perfected Combat System,

·         Easy Start,

·         Nightmare, Hydra, ZUlrah, Corkat, Bork, Nex, Wildy Wyrm, and many other OSRS bosses that you cannot find on any other server.

Etherum has been running for some time now and the community is still strong and active, with only more coming on board given its’ perfect environment that caters to all needs, whether you are looking for an OSRS or a custom one, Etherum is the right balance.

One of the major reasons, Etherum is staying strong and all the players are happy is because of some community driven events. That means, all players can self-host HP events, Skill events, Tournaments and a lot more to stay entertained.

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    April 13, 2022
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